Sample Analysis Report Design template Essay


[Introduction -- This design is an optional application to help improve regularity across Analysis Reports. When you use this design, make sure all red text message is wiped, and change other text (headings, titles, body system text, etc) to your content. The most important items to remember relating to graphics and formatting: 1 . Apply USAID's identity and branding based on the USAID Images Standards 2 . Use USAID fonts (Gill Sans or perhaps Gill Sans MT (bold for statements, subheads and highlighted text message; regular or perhaps light for body textual content; italic intended for captions), or perhaps Garamond or perhaps Ariel if perhaps Gill Sans not available. a few. Use USAID colors:

Primary color palette

USAID Blue (RGB 0R 42G 108B)

USAID Crimson (RGB 194R 17G 58B)

Solid Dark (RGB 0R 0G 0B)

Secondary color scheme

Dark Gray (RGB 102R 102G 102B)

Light Dreary (RGB 221R 221G 221B)

Light Blue (RGB 157R 191G 229B)

ENTRANCE COVER -- As with every USAID guides, the front cover has the next elements: Make use of USAID common graphic identity/brand. Available for download from Place the USAID identity in the upper still left area within a white field that is a few horizontal pubs in height (the cover needs to be divided into on the lookout for equal horizontally bars). If perhaps jointly funded and co-branded (with someone or another donor's brand), demand lower-left positioning for USAID's brand, and brands/identities should be of the same size and prominence, preferably along the bottom of the cover.

Evaluation Addresses - To distinguish Evaluations from the other type of guides also include: A Light Blue discipline one or two bars in height at the rear of the analysis title while using word " Evaluation” over a title An image from the task being assessed, and sized to cover the width from the cover, with height taking on 4 or 5 horizontal bars. Seeing that external reviews are not USAID authored, the following statement must be on the cover: " This publication was produced on the request states Agency intended for International Expansion. It was well prepared independently simply by. ”

INSIDE FRONT COVER - The inside front cover of a publication may be kept blank or used for various purposes including acknowledgements, front cover image caption, abstracts, etc . ] [TITLE WEB PAGE - Recommended placement for any title web page is the initial right-hand text message page of the publication; it may well include a replicate of the name and subtitle, communicate an overarching concept, etc . It will also include the date, task and analysis identification info, and for reviews there should be a disclaimer per the case in point below. ] Title – straightforward, interesting and short; Are the word Analysis:

subtitle – more detail, at the. g., short description of project getting evaluated (but do not use name of implementing spouse or Acronyms)

[Month Day, Year]

[Project Amount (if 1 exists); Analysis Mechanism Quantity: ]

[DEC catalogue number if expected in advance of publication]

[Any brief overarching message]


The author's views stated in this publication do not automatically reflect the views of the United States Agency for International Development or the United states of america Government.

[Section games and purchase are illustrative. ]



Executive Summary2

Evaluation Purpose and Evaluation Questions5

Task [or Program] Background7

Analysis Methods and Limitations9

Studies, Conclusions and Recommendations11

AnnexesError: Reference origin not identified

- Annex I: Evaluation Statement of WorkError: Guide source not found1 - Annex 2: Evaluation Strategies and Limitations37

- Annex III: Data Collection Instruments37

- Annex IV: Causes of Information40

List of Persons Selection interviews

Bibliography of Documents Examined



-- Annex V: Disclosure of Any Clashes of Interest50

- Annex VI: Assertion of Dissimilarities...


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