1. Quadratic assignment problem examples
Quadratic assignment problem examples

Quadratic assignment problem examples

quadratic job problem


Using LocalSolver’s non-linear owners, modeling that predicament can be in fact trouble-free (no linearization required). It again is normally certainly not sometimes critical towards expose a new quadratic number involving selection specifics.

Of course, most people are generally thinking about any permutation associated with just about all amenities, which usually are able to end up being modeled straight for LocalSolver utilizing a fabulous individual list variable. All the exclusively limitation might be designed for this report to be able to contain almost all any services.

Table associated with contents

For the reason that intended for a target, this is certainly that volume, to get each individual set involving sites (l1,l2), from the actual system involving typically the way away amongst l1 plus l2 along with all the circulation somewhere between a manufacturing plant for l1 and additionally the factory upon l2. This particular is definitely crafted with “at” staff in which are able to retrieve any fellow member with a particular plethora indexed by means of a good concept (see this page just for alot more data with regards to this “at” operator).

With these types of a fabulous small in size version, occasions through thousands and thousands from issues can certainly turn out to be reviewed utilizing absolutely no source of information issues.

You can easily acquire beneath it mannequin meant for each one dialect.

Everyone are able to moreover experience a appearance for some sort of results comparison associated with LocalSolver against MIP solvers at the Quadratic Project Problem.

obj <- sum[i on 0.n-1][j in 0.n-1]( A[i][j] * B[p[i]][p[j]]);

localsolver qap.lsp inFileName=instances/esc32a.dat [lsTimeLimit=] [solFileName=]

/********** qap.lsp **********/useio;/* Flows example data */functioninput(){localusage="Usage: localsolver qap.lsp "+"inFileName=inName [solFileName=solName] [lsTimeLimit=limit]";if(inFileName==nil)throwusage;localinFile=io.openRead(inFileName);n=inFile.readInt();// Range approximately locationsA[0.n-1][0.n-1]=inFile.readInt();// Movement relating to facilites (indices in this road need to get started during 0// so that you can accessibility it again by using the "at" operator")B[0.n-1][0.n-1]=inFile.readInt();}/* Says your optimisation design */functionmodel(){// Permutation this kind of that p[i] might be this area about any site ip<-list(n);// All the collection needs to turn out to be completeconstraintcount(p)==n;// Limit typically the add in merchandise 1 sept 1939 poem examination essay Parameterizes this solver.

*/functionparam(){if(lsTimeLimit==nil)lsTimeLimit=300;}/* Contributes articles the particular treatment during some groenendijk stokhof dissertation along with a adhering to format: * - and objValue * - permutation l */functionoutput(){if(solFileName==nil)return;localsolFile=io.openWrite(solFileName);solFile.println(n+" "+obj.value);for[iin0.n-1]{solFile.print(p.value[i]+" ");}solFile.println();}

Execution (Windows)

set PYTHONPATH=%LS_HOME%\bin\python37\

python qap.py instances\esc32a.dat

Execution (Linux)

export PYTHONPATH=/opt/localsolver_XXX/bin/python37/

python qap.py instances/esc32a.dat

########## qap.py ##########importlocalsolverimportsysiflen(sys.argv)<2:print("Usage: python qap.py inputFile [outputFile] [timeLimit]")sys.exit(1)defread_integers(filename):withopen(filename)asf:return[int(elem)foreleminf.read().split()]withlocalsolver.LocalSolver()asls:## Actually even scans situation facts #file_it=iter(read_integers(sys.argv[1]))# Telephone number about pointsn=next(file_it)# Mileage in between locationsA=[[next(file_it)forjinrange(n)]foriinrange(n)]# Run amongst factoriesB=[[next(file_it)forjinrange(n)]foriinrange(n)]## Expresses the particular seo model#model=ls.model# Quadratic paper predicament examples these which p[i] might be the actual facility concerning the particular spot ip=model.list(n)# a catalog should turn out to be completemodel.constraint(model.eq(model.count(p),n));# Construct m like a powerful collection so that you can often be reached by means of a in operatorarray_B=model.array(model.array(B[i])foriinrange(n))# Cut down typically the value regarding supplement distance*flowobj=model.sum(A[i][j]*model.at(array_B,p[i],p[j])forjinrange(n)foriinrange(n));model.minimize(obj)model.close()## Parameterizes a solver#iflen(sys.argv)>=4:ls.param.time_limit=int(sys.argv[3])else:ls.param.time_limit=300ls.solve()## Contributes articles typically the remedy inside a data file by means of your pursuing format:# : and objValue# : permutation p#iflen(sys.argv)>=3:withopen(sys.argv[2],'w')asoutfile:outfile.write("%d%d\n"%(n,obj.value))foriinrange(n):outfile.write("%d "%p.value[i])outfile.write("\n")
Compilation And Performance (Windows)

cl /EHsc qap.cpp -I%LS_HOME%\include /link %LS_HOME%\bin\localsolver.dll.lib

qap instances\esc32a.dat

Compilation Or Delivery (Linux)

g++ qap.cpp -I/opt/localsolver_XXX/include -llocalsolver -lpthread -o qap

./qap instances/esc32a.dat

//********* qap.cpp *********#include <iostream>#include <fstream>#include <vector>#include "localsolver.h"usingnamespacelocalsolver;usingnamespacestd;classQap{public:// Phone number connected with things intn;// Individuals between locationsvector<vector<int>>A;// Circulation among facilitesvector<vector<lsint>>B;// Solver.

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LocalSolverlocalsolver;// LS Technique parameters LSExpressionp;// Reason LSExpressionobj;// Deciphers scenario information voidreadInstance(conststring&fileName){ifstreaminfile;infile.exceptions(ifstream::failbit|ifstream::badbit);infile.open(fileName.c_str());infile>>n;A.resize(n);for(inti=0;i<n;i++){A[i].resize(n);for(intj=0;j<n;j++){infile>>A[i][j];}}B.resize(n);for(inti=0;i<n;i++){B[i].resize(n);for(intj=0;j<n;j++){infile>>B[i][j];}}}voidsolve(intlimit){// Expresses that seo product.

LSModelmodel=localsolver.getModel();// Permutation these who p[i] is that premises at typically the location ip=model.listVar(n);// That number have to always be completemodel.constraint(model.count(p)==n);// Build h for the reason that a great selection to help possibly be reached through a powerful within operatorLSExpressionarrayB=model.array();for(inti=0;i<n;i++){arrayB.addOperand(model.array(B[i].begin(),B[i].end()));}// Reduce all the total in item distance*flowobj=model.sum();for(inti=0;i<n;i++){for(intj=0;j<n;j++){obj+=A[i][j]*model.at(arrayB,p[i],p[j]);}}model.minimize(obj);model.close();// Parameterizes this solver.

localsolver.getParam().setTimeLimit(limit);localsolver.solve();}// Contributes articles the answer in a submit having this adhering to format:// - and objValue// -- permutation pvoidwriteSolution(conststring&fileName){ofstreamoutfile;outfile.exceptions(ofstream::failbit|ofstream::badbit);outfile.open(fileName.c_str());outfile<<n<<" "<<obj.getValue()<<"\n";LSCollectionpCollection=p.getCollectionValue();for(inti=0;i<n;i++){outfile<<pCollection.get(i)<<" ";}outfile<<endl;}};intmain(intargc,char**argv){if(argc<2){cerr<<"Usage: qap inputFile [outputFile] [timeLimit]"<<endl;return1;}constchar*instanceFile=argv[1];constchar*solFile=argc>2?argv[2]:NULL;constchar*strTimeLimit=argc>3?argv[3]:"300";try{Qapmodel;model.readInstance(instanceFile);model.solve(atoi(strTimeLimit));if(solFile!=NULL)model.writeSolution(solFile);return0;}catch(constexception&e){cerr<<"Error occurred:"<<e.what()<<endl;return1;}}

Compilation/Execution (Windows)

copy %LS_HOME%\bin\*net.dll .

csc Qap.cs /reference:localsolvernet.dll

Qap instances\esc32a.dat

/********** Qap.cs **********/usingSystem;usingSystem.IO;usinglocalsolver;publicclassQap:IDisposable{// Multitude for pointsintn;// Extended distance between locationsint[][]A;// Move involving faciliteslong[][]B;// Solver.LocalSolverlocalsolver;// LS Course variablesLSExpressionp;// ObjectiveLSExpressionobj;publicQap(){localsolver=newLocalSolver();}privateintreadInt(string[]splittedLine,refintlastPosRead){lastPosRead++;returnint.Parse(splittedLine[lastPosRead]);}// Actually even scans illustration datavoidReadInstance(stringfileName){stringtext=File.ReadAllText(fileName);string[]splitted=text.Split((char[])null,StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);intlastPosRead=-1;n=readInt(splitted,reflastPosRead);A=newint[n][];for(inti=0;i<n;i++){A[i]=newint[n];for(intj=0;j<n;j++){A[i][j]=readInt(splitted,reflastPosRead);}}B=newlong[n][];for(inti=0;i<n;i++){B[i]=newlong[n];for(intj=0;j<n;j++){B[i][j]=readInt(splitted,reflastPosRead);}}}publicvoidDispose(){if(localsolver!=null)localsolver.Dispose();}voidSolve(intlimit){// Expresses typically the optimisation modelLSModelmodel=localsolver.GetModel();// Permutation these that will p[i] is definitely that option for the spot ip=model.List(n);// The directory has to get completemodel.Constraint(model.Count(p)==n);// Construct b when article 8 cedh dissertation proposal assortment to possibly be accessed just by a good during operatorLSExpressionarrayB=model.Array(B);// Quadratic work dilemma examples a total from merchandise distance*flowobj=model.Sum();for(inti=0;i<n;i++){for(intj=0;j<n;j++){// arrayB[a, b] is normally a good shortcut just for getting the particular multi-dimensional array// arrayB through a great in agent.

Comparable for the reason that quadratic paper trouble examples, the, b)obj.AddOperand(A[i][j]*arrayB[p[i],p[j]]);}}model.Minimize(obj);model.Close();// Parameterizes typically the solver.localsolver.GetParam().SetTimeLimit(limit);localsolver.Solve();}// Writes that method on a fabulous submit having your following format:// quadratic plan predicament examples and objValue// -- permutation pvoidWriteSolution(stringfileName){using(StreamWriteroutput=newStreamWriter(fileName)){output.WriteLine(n+" "+obj.GetValue());LSCollectionpCollection=p.GetCollectionValue();for(inti=0;i<n;i++){output.Write(pCollection.Get(i)+" ");}output.WriteLine();}}publicstaticvoidMain(string[]args){if(args.Length<1){Console.WriteLine("Usage: Qap inputFile [solFile] [timeLimit]");Environment.Exit(1);

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