Strategic Intervention Materials Dissertation



Gingoog Metropolis


2010 Mid-Year INSET

Oct 27 -28, 2010

Expanding Strategic

Involvement Materials

Guidebook Card

Activity Card

Examination Card

Richness Card

Reference Card

Information in Looking at Intervention Materials

Guide Credit card

1 . Offers a preview of what learners will learn.

2 . Stimulates interest in the topic

3. Presents major skills

a) Mentions the training competency ( LC )

b) Says at least 3 sub-tasks ( actions )

c) Builds on prior learning/ prerequisites skills

d) Describes the cement outcome or perhaps product students are expected to show / generate

4. Cites briefly the activities

5. Concern the student ion doing the tasks

Activity Card

1 ) Translates major skills in to at least 3 activities

2 . Gives activities that:

a) Happen to be organized based on the pattern of the target skills ( in the guidebook card ). b) Possess clear directions.

c) Offer examples to concretize the concepts, particularly those drawn from real life encounter.

d) Pupils can complete independently, in pairs, or in tiny groups e) Allow students to generate discoveries and formulate concepts on their own. f) Guides and challenges students' thinking and learning

g) Uses regional data and situations (e. g., getting together with people inside the community) several. Provide move statements that recognize students' accomplishments 5. Provide inquiries that

a) Guide the advancement concept/focus abilities.

b) Elicit the communication or which means that a learners can take away from an activity/ Experience.

c) Elicit an explanation, not one-word answers.

d) Establish the relationship between the topic/lesson and what students have found that or are familiar to them. e) Develop the skills in the three domains

Assessment Cards

1 . Provide exercises, drills or activities that allow students to: a) Assess their knowledge of what they have learned and correct errors when appropriate b) Keep an eye on their learning and use feedback about their progress installment payments on your Formulated in standard evaluation formats to provide students practice in test-taking techniques. a few. Gives obvious directions

4. Provides an Answer Key ( in a individual card )

Enrichment Cards

1 . Offer an activities that reinforce this article of the lessons 2 . Delivers opportunities for students to

a) Apply the actual have learned to other subject areas or in new contexts b) Function independently or in teams to explore answers to their very own questions

Research Card

1 . Offer readings that relate quite happy with students' lifestyle experiences 2 . Provides a thoroughly researched list of resources that

a) Can reinforce concepts/skills learned

b) Provide added content certainly not found in the textbook

c) Student may possibly refer to further reading


Gingoog City




Utilize the f(x) sama dengan mx + b for any SLOPE OF ANY LINE

Slope – Intercept Form

Uses the f(x) = mx + m for Incline



Observe the conduct of the going boat.

1 . What have you recognize to the actions of the going boat? installment payments on your Tell something about the motion of the cruising boat.

several. Is the cruising boat moves smoothly? Why?

4. If you happen to be the sailor with the said vessel, how would you feel going in a) Fair weather condition?

b) Thunder storms?

5. Will the sail of the boat preserve a certain amount of stiffness? 6. Does the rigidity of the sail affect the speed of the vessel?

. This lesson will help you to have the slope plus the y – intercept of the line from the general equation. You will reduce the general varieties to the slope – intercept form simply by solving intended for y as well as the resulting agent of times is the slope and m, the con – intercept.

. To reduce the equation in regular form or general kind,...


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