Soccer School Business Plan Article





School Getaway Courses


After Institution Clubs

January 2013


1 . Brief summary

2 . Business Overview


Current Position

Competitive Benefit

Growth Program

3. Organization Strategy


Strategic Problems

Core Values

4. Marketing


Market research

Distribution channels

Strategic alliances

Advertising plan

Advertising budget

your five. Team and Management Framework

Skills, knowledge, training and retention


2 . Brief summary

A Coaching programme that allows HRBFC to raise their profile, boost revenue and create a long-term infrastructure that maintains top quality and uniformity with no economical outlay.

A training program which offers employment opportunities, produces loyalty and offers a clear path of junior through Schools to initially team.

2 . Business Guide


This business thought has been developed as technique of generating salary for multiple people, providing employment opportunities, elevating the Academy's profile as well as the profile of Hampton & Richmond Borough FC.

Making use of the wealth of experience of employees within the existing Academy set up, and the several amounts of small, keen and influential school players, we are able to offer fun and pleasant holiday classes at competitive rates not only boost the name of HRBFC within the local community but also that in the academy pertaining to future recruiting of college students.

Current Situation

We are at present not working holiday programs at the moment, and so we have zero current placement, however almost all key associates of staff have operate very powerful holiday programs over the last 10 years at other sorts of locations and with other coaching companies.

Competitive Advantage

As i have said, the staff affiliated with this task each have about 10 years of experience in running holiday programmes and knows precisely what is required to enhance the holiday courses at a minimum price and ensure that they can be run to the best of criteria.

With qualifications coming from Level 2 to A Driving licence along with the Children Module Award, we know that we are more than competent to ensure that the information of the getaway courses will be of excellent benefit whilst staying set in a setting that is enjoyable, exciting and allows for maximum learning.

Progress Plan

The below structure is a minimum target and will also be run since so whether it means that quality is made certain over volume.

2012/13 Educational Year – 4 seven days holiday programs – Easter, May H/T and summer season. 2012/13 Basketball Season – Weekly Weekend Football Mentoring Sessions (Summer Term)

2013/14 Academic Season – Holiday break courses during every University Holiday period After University Clubs (minimum of 3) 2013/14 Sports Season – Weekly Saturday Football Training Sessions Midweek Elite Coaching Sessions three or more. Business Strategy


Our target is to grow the number of members on each of our holiday training as quickly as possible. Virtually all business upon future classes will be made through repeat business as well as ‘word of mouth' recommendations as this is economical and also a great source of feedback on our services.

At first we will promote the courses through school visits to community primary universities, using senior high players to aid run 30 minute teaser sessions to each class at each primary university. This strategy will be used as an on-going traffic generation as it is the most affordable way of exhibiting what we give.

Utilising local expertise from pupils within the existing academy installation and staff at HRBFC, we are able to talk with the appropriate people within neighborhood educational companies to ensure our project is definitely supported since fully as is feasible.

Strategic Issues

At present, you will find four businesses that run college holiday courses in the around area (see attached list). These techniques operate...


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