Essay on Savola Case


Eskandar Tooma

Aliaa I. Bassiouny

Valuation associated with an Increased Capability

Project Using Real Alternative Analysis:

The truth of Savola Sime Egypt

" Our profits almost doubled last financial 12 months; however , I don't think we can expect the same increase this year, ” said Karim Reda, production manager for Savola Sime Egypt, in September 97. " All of us simply don't have the capacity to generate more. ” He was talking with Mohamed Sallam, CFO of Savola. Within the last month, Sallam's office had witnessed intensive activity, with the finance department preparing the pro programa financial assertions for the next year. However , Sallam acquired more on his mind. Generally, how could Savola Sime boost its profits, if it could not increase production. Mr. Reda stated which the factories had been operating in maximum capacity. He recommended that the organization seriously consider increasing the current creation by elevating capacity. Sallam very energetically said he'd be on the top of matter and would examine the recommended suggestion. The young CFO knew that the would demand a careful monetary assessment of the proposed capacity increase. By previous experience in the industry, Sallam knew a capacity-increasing project at Savola would expense millions of dollars. A rough calculate for this kind of projects is that they usually cost around ALL OF US $20 million, a huge expenditure for a organization with about US $100 million in revenues. This proposed job would require a rigorous monetary assessment, seeing that any catch could generate a stream of deficits. So to ensure Sallam to make sure objectivity in taking on this sort of a large capital-intensive project, this individual formed two separate clubs of the top rated financial experts in the firm. Sallam designated one of Savola's senior monetary experts to acquire the first team, and chose a jr financial analyst, a rising star inside the finance department, to head the second team. Every single team will then singularly embark on their particular analysis in the project's feasibility. Both clubs were given a one-month deadline.

History and Backdrop of Savola Egypt

Savola Sime Egypt (SSE) was established in 1992 as a part of Savola Edible Herbal oils (SEO) Arab saudi, 1 using a capital people $23 million. This invested capital was used to build two plants in Egypt intended for the production of edible natural oils, initially producing close to 112, 800 plenty of edible olive oil per year. The commercial procedures of the Egyptian company were only available in late 1994 with the development of various ghee and essential oil products. The core activities of Savola Egypt's benefit chain happen to be summarized inside the following actions (Exhibit 1):


Savola Web site is definitely

Copyright laws В© 2005 Thunderbird, The Garvin School of Intercontinental Management. All rights set aside. This case was prepared by Eskandar Tooma and Aliaa I actually. Bassiouny (MBA), American School in Cairo, for the purpose of class room discussion simply, and not to point either successful or unproductive management.

1 ) Importing of edible oils from various oil suppliers.

2 . Refining and digesting the oil using specialised capital-intensive machinery imported through the United States. These types of machines are adjustable to require and have the versatility of switching from the creation between various types of essential oils and ghee products, therefore allowing the flexibility of producing items that have highest demand to them.

3. Packaging, distribution, and marketing of edible oil products. Savola had several brand names for its edible oil product range, with product and target market range. Exhibits a couple of and 3 show a few of Savola's brands.

Edible Essential oil Industry in Egypt

The Egyptian edible oil and ghee industry can be grouped into three main sectors: 1 . Dog ghee (the Middle East version of butter)2

2 . Shortening (vegetable based constructed from palm oil)3

3. Buyer edible natural oils (mainly sunflower oil)

The dimensions of the Egyptian edible olive oil industry in 1997 is usually summarized in Exhibit 4. Consumer ready-to-eat...


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