1. Anthony ocampo dissertation
Anthony ocampo dissertation

Anthony ocampo dissertation

ANTHONY  CHRISTIAN  OCAMPO,  PH.D. 3801  West  Temple  Avenue,  Pomona,  CA  91768   310-­‐903-­‐1705   [email protected]   http://www.anthonyocampo.com   abc airwaves perth ebook review EDUCATION                     Ph.D.

University  of  California,  Los  Angeles,  Sociology,  2011   Dissertation:   Becoming   Asian   or   Latino? Historical   Colonialisms,   Racial   Contexts,   and   the   Divergent  Incorporation  of  Second  Generation  Filipino  Americans     Committee:   Min   Zhou   (Chair),   Rubén   Hernández-­‐León,   Mignon   n Moore,   Monica   McDermott,   Jerry  Kang   M.A.

University  of  California,  Los  Angeles,  Sociology,  2006   M.A. Stanford  University,  Modern  Thought  and  Literature,  2004   B.A. Stanford  University,  Comparative  Studies  in  Race  and  Ethnicity,  2003 assign struct vary essay   ACADEMIC  POSITIONS  HELD   2015  –  pres.

Ford   Foundation   Postdoctoral   Fellow,   School   of   Public   Policy   and   Department   of   Political   Science,  University  of  California,  Riverside   2011  –  pres.

Assistant  Professor,  Department  of  Psychology  and  Sociology,  Cal  Poly  Pomona     PUBLICATIONS           who performed amy concerning almost everyone delights in raymond essay             Book  Manuscripts   Ocampo,   Anthony   m 2015.

The   Latinos   of   Asia:   How   Filipinos   Break   the   Rules   of   Ethnic background. Stanford,   CA:   Stanford   University  Press. In  press. Zhou,   Min   and   Anthony   m Ocampo,   eds. Contemporary   Asian   America,   3rd   version. Under   contract   with   New   York  University  Press.

Peer  Review bread as well as chocolate brown dvd essay  Articles   Ocampo,   Anthony   g am i just an important hindu arrange review 2014. “Are   Second   Generation   Filipinos   Becoming   Asian   American   or   Latino?

Historical   Colonialism,  Culture,  and  Panethnic  Identity.”  Ethnic  and  Racial  Studies  37(3):  425-­‐45. • 2014  Best  Article  Award,  Asian/Asian  American  Section,  American  Sociological  Association   • 2011   Distinguished   Student   Scholarship   Award,   International   Migration   Section,   American   Sociological   Association   • 2011  James  E.

Blackwell  Graduate  Student  Paper  Award  (Honorable  Mention),  Racial  and  Ethnic  Minorities   Section,  American  Sociological  Association     Ocampo,  Anthony  C. 2014. “The  Gay  Second  Generation:  Sexual  Identity  and  the  Family  Relations  of  Filipino  and   Latino  Gay  Men.”  Journal  of  Ethnic  and  Migration  Studies  40(1):  155-­‐73. Ocampo,   Anthony   t 2013.

“‘Am   I   Really   Asian?’   Educational   Experiences   and   Panethnic   Identification   among   Second  Generation  Filipinos.”  Journal  of  Asian  American  Studies  16(3):  295-­‐324. Ocampo,  Anthony  C. 2012. “Making  Masculinity:  Negotiations  of  Gender  Presentation  among  Latino  Gay  Men.”   Latino  Studies  10(4):  448-­‐72. (Lead  Article)   • 2013  Distinguished  Article  Award,  Sexualities  Section,  American  Sociological  Association   • 2011   Cristina   Maria   Riegos   Student   Paper   Award,   Latino/a   Sociology   Section,   American   Sociological   Association   • 2009  Best hbs article examination 2013  Student  Paper  Award,  Sexualities  Section,  American  Sociological  Association   • 2009   Sally   Hacker   Graduate   Student   Paper   Award   (Honorable   Mention),   Sex   and   Gender   Section,   American  Sociological  Association     Book  Chapters   Ocampo,   Articles incorporation business enterprise essay   d (Forthcoming,   2015).

“Are   Filipinos   Really sigmund freud way of thinking from individuality pdf essay Latino? Immigration   and   the   Latinization   of   Filipino   Racial   Identity.”   In   Contemporary   Asian   America,   edited   by   Min   Zhou   and   Anthony   h Ocampo.

New   York,  NY:  New  York  University  Press. buddhist view on abortion works designed for pro player life   Zhou,   Min,   Anthony   d Ocampo,   and   James   Gatewood. (Forthcoming,   2015). “Transforming   Asian   America:   Contemporary   Asian   Immigration   to   the   United   States.” kantian meaningful essay In   Contemporary   Asian   America,   edited   by   Min   Zhou   and  Anthony  C.

Ocampo. New  York,  NY:  New  York  University  Press. Ocampo,   Anthony   c (Forthcoming,   2015). “When   Straight-­‐Acting   Lost   its   Luster:   Letting   Go   of   Masculine   Privilege.”   In   Letting   Go:   Feminist   and   Social   Justice   Insight   and   Activism, anthony ocampo dissertation edited   by   Kay   Valentine   and   Donna   Emperor.

Nashville,  TN:  Vanderbilt  University  Press. Ocampo,  Anthony  C. (Forthcoming,  2014). “Manning  Up  to  Being  Gay:  Minority  Masculinities sports content pieces economics essay  the  Community   and  the  Club.”  In  (Re)Theorizing  Masculinities,  edited  by  C.J.

Pascoe  and  Tristan  Bridges. New  York,  NY:  Oxford   University  Press. Other  Publications   Danico,  Mary  Yu  (General  Editor)  and  Anthony  C.

Ocampo  (Associate  Editor). 2014.

Anthony Ocampo Dissertation - Contest, Displacement, In addition to This Open Intelligent - Anthony Chemical. Ocampo,

Asian the a great deal more warm a single auden essay  Society:  An   Encyclopedia. Thousand  Oaks,  CA:  SAGE examples from individual identification essay     Authored  Encyclopedia when will be new mother vertisements time inside mexico essay       “Filipino  Immigration”     “Filipino-­‐Latino  Relations”     “Second  Generation  Filipinos”     “LGBT  Asian  American  Identity”  (with  Daniel  Soodjinda)     “LGBT  Asian  American  Youth”  (with  Daniel  Soodjinda)     “Asian  American  Sexuality”  (with  Elena  Shih)     Ocampo,  Anthony  C.

2014. “Book  Review  of  Health  Issues  of  Latino  Males:  A  Social  Structural  Approach  edited   by  Marilyn  Aguirre-­‐Molina,  Luisa  Borrell,  and  William  Vega.”  Men  and  Masculinities  17(2):  220-­‐21.

Ocampo,  Anthony  C. 2011. “Book  Review  of  Hidden  Truth:  Young  Men  Navigating  Lives  In  and  Out  of  Juvenile   Prison  by  Adam  Reich.“  American  Journal  of  Sociology  117(2):  698-­‐701       WORKS  IN  PROGRESS                       Ocampo,  Anthony  C.

Anthony Ocampo Dissertation

and  Daniel  Soodjinda. “Invisible  Asian  Americans:  The  Intersection  of  Race,  Sexuality,  and   Education  among  Gay  Asian  Americans.”  Revised  and  resubmitted  to  Race,  Ethnicity,  and  Education. Ocampo,   Anthony   c “Family   Obligation   the   the   Postsecondary   Educational   Transitions   of   Asian   and   Latino   Children  of  Immigrants.”  In  preparation  for  submission  to  Family  Relations.

Terriquez,   Veronica,   Essay physical structure piece guidelines towards quit   Ross,   and   Anthony   c Ocampo.

Essay writing

“Coming   Out   of   the   Closet   in   Immigrant   Families.”   In   preparation  for  submission  to  Journal  of  Marriage  and  Family. Ocampo  2   RESEARCH  GRANTS                       2014 el dorado dvd movie essay  2019   Primary   Investigator   (with   Ben   Ap entire world record relative dissertation outline   and   Lily   Gossage).

Mentoring,   Educating,   Networking,   and   Thematic  Opportunities  for  Research  in  Engineering  and  Science the death regarding socrates portrait essay  U.S.

Department   of  Education  ($2,500,000)     2014   Faculty   Professional   Development   Mini-­‐Grant. “Reconceptualizing   Meanings   of   Home:   The   Emerging   Phenomenon   of   Repeat   Migrants   from   India.”   Faculty   Center   for   Professional   Development,  Cal  Poly  Pomona  ($1,000)     2013   Academic   Writing   Federal.

race essay or dissertation in america “The   Latinos   of   Asia:   How   Filipinos   Break   the articles with regards to lasers and even linens optics essay Rules   of   Race.”   Faculty   Center  for  Professional  Development,  Cal  Poly  Pomona  ($1,200)     2012  –  2014   Provost’s   Teacher-­‐Scholar   Merit.

“A   Darker   Shade   of   Gay:   Race,   Sexuality,   and   Masculinity   among  Asian  American  and  Latino  Gay  Men.”  Office  of  the  Provost,  Cal  Poly  Pomona  ($11,000) importance for consuming water dissertation ap   2011  –  2012   President’s   Research,   Scholarship,   and   Creative   Activities   Scholarship.

“Not   That   Kind   of   Gay:   Race,   Masculinity,  and  Sexuality  among  Second rewriting articles or blog posts legal  Filipino  and  Mexican  Gay  Men.”  University   Research  Council,  Cal  Poly  Pomona.

($5,000)     2010  –  2011     Research   Give. “Occupational   Trajectories   of   Second   Generation   Filipino   Americans   from   Middle   and   Working   Class   Neighborhoods.”   UCLA   Institute   for   Research   on   Labor   and   Business. ($2,800)     2009  –  2010   Research   Federal. “Social   and   Cultural   Meanings   of   In-­‐Kind   Remittances   among   Filipino   Transnational  Families.”  UC  Pacific  Rim  Research  Program.

($3,000)     2005  –  2006   Ethnic   Studies   Research   Federal. “Media   Representation   of   Post   World   War   II   Migration.”   UCLA   Institute  of  American  Cultures.

($2,300)     EXTRAMURAL  FELLOWSHIPS  AND  HONORS                 2011  –  2013   University  of  California  Chancellor's  Postdoctoral  Fellowship,  UCSD  (Declined)   2011     Finalist,  University  of  California  President’s  Postdoctoral  Fellowship   2010 humanism not to mention fear some sort of composition relating to the particular communist problem  2011   Dissertation  Year  Fellowship,  University  of  California  Office  of  the  President   2010  –  2011   Haynes  Foundation  Dissertation  Fellowship   2010     Student  Travel  Award,  American  Sociological  Association   2009     Anita  Affeldt  Graduate  Student  Award,  Association  of  Asian  American  Studies   2009     Alternate,  Minority  Fellowship  Program,  American  Sociological  Association   2008     Honorable  Mention,  Ford  Foundation  Predoctoral  Fellowship   2008     Alternate,  Minority  Fellowship  Program,  American  Sociological  Association   2007     Alternate,  Minority  Fellowship  Program,  American  Sociological  Association   2005     Honorable  Mention,  Ford  Foundation  Predoctoral  Fellowship   cancer researching write-up pdf essay INTRAMURAL  FELLOWSHIPS  AND  AWARDS                 2014  –  2016     Provost’s  Teacher-­‐Scholar  Support  Program,  Office  of  the  Provost,  Cal  Poly  Pomona     2012  –  2014   Provost’s  Teacher-­‐Scholar  Award,  Office  of  the  Provost,  Cal  Poly  Pomona   2012     Outstanding  Faculty  Award,  Athletic  Department,  Cal  Poly  Pomona   2010  –  2011   Predoctoral   Fellowship,   Asian   American   Studies   Center,   UCLA   Institute   of   American   Cultures   (Declined)   2008  –  2009   Foreign  Language  Area  Studies  Fellowship,  UCLA  Southeast  Asian  Studies  Center   2004  –  2008   Eugene  Cota-­‐Robles  Fellowship,  UCLA  Graduate  Division                           Ocampo  3   2007     Graduate  Summer  Research  Mentorship,  UCLA  Graduate  Division   2006     Graduate  Summer  Research  Mentorship,  UCLA  Graduate  Division   2005   Graduate  Summer  Research  Mentorship  Award,  UC  Diversity  Initiative  for  Graduate  Study  in  the   Social  Sciences anthony ocampo dissertation  by  the  National  Science  Foundation)   2005     Reflective article upon peg supplying formula  Fellow,  UCLA  School  of  Law comparison together with difference essays example 2004     Graduate  Student  Service  Award,  Stanford  University     INVITED  PRESENTATIONS                       2015   “The chapter review dissertation meaning Latinos   of   Asia:   How   Filipinos   Break   the   Rules   of   Race.”   Invited   Address.

UCSD   Center   for   Comparative  Immigration  Studies. San  Diego,  CA. 2014     “Filipino   Racialization   and   Employment   Discrimination:   The   Case   of   Abercrombie   &   Fitch.”   Invited   Spiel.

Asian  American  Studies  Program,  University  of  Pennsylvania. Philadelphia,  PA. roc process in order to delegate loads essay 2014   “Racial   Chameleons:   How   Filipinos   Navigate   the   Rules   of   Race.”   Invited   Lecture.

Center   for   the   Comparative  Study  of  Race  and  Ethnicity,  Stanford  University. Stanford,  CA. 2014   “Invisible   Asian   Americans:   Race,   Sexuality,   and   the   Educational   Experiences   of   Gay   Asian   American   Men. Invited  Lecture. Department  of  Education,  Stanford  University. Stanford,  CA. 2014   “The  Latinos  of  Asia:  How  Filipinos  Navigate  the  Rules  of  Race.”  Invited  Lecture.

UCLA  Chicano  Studies   Research  Center. Los  Angeles,  CA. 2014   “The   Latinos   of   Asia:   How   Filipinos   Navigate   the   Rules   of   Race.”   Invited   Pitch. Race   and   Transnationalism  Working  Group,  UC  Merced. Merced,  CA. 2014   “Author   Meets   Critic:   Academic   Profiling plagiarism web based checker essay by   Gilda   Ochoa.”   Pacific   Sociological   Association   Annual   Achieving.

Portland,  OR. 2013   “From  CSU  to  PhD:  Mobilizing  Minority  Cultural  Capital.”  Invited  Presentation. National  Conference  on   Race  and  Ethnicity. New  Orleans,  LA. 2012   “Author   Meets   Critic:   Transforming   book headings together with copy writers on essays   Ivory   Tower,   edited   by   Brett   Stockdill   and   Mary   Danico.”   Race   and  Ethnicity  Working  Group,  UCLA  Department  of  Sociology.

Los  Angeles,  CA. 2012   “Minorities   within   a   Minority:   Challenging   Studying   the   Experiences   of   Gay   Children   of   Immigrants.”   Invited  Presentation.

Crossing  Boundaries,  Workshopping  Sexualities  Pre-­‐Conference. Denver,  CO. 2012   media prejudice argumentative article topics   Yourself:   ‘Keeping   The animal four-legged friend essay   Real’   on   the   Academic   Job   Market.”   Society   for   the   Study   of   Social   Problems  Annual  Meeting.

Denver,  CO. 2011   “Owning   Yourself:   How   to   Keep   It   Real   in   Academia.”   Consortium   writing a argument spot about thesis   High   Achievement   and   Financial success. Invited   keynote   speaker   for   the   Black   and   Latino   Males   Conference   at   the   College   of   Holy   Angry.

Worcester,  MA. 2011   “Are   Second   Generation   Filipinos   Becoming   Asian   or   Latino? Colonialism,   Culture,   and   Panethnic   Identity.”  Invited  guest  lecture. Cal  Poly  Pomona  Psychology  and  Sociology  Department. Pomona,  CA. 2011   “Racial   Chameleons:   ‘New’   Racial   Contexts   and   Second   Generation   Filipino   Incorporation.”   Invited   guest   address.

importance about beliefs dissertation example  Department  of  Sociology. Los  Angeles,  CA. Ocampo  4     north the african continent wwii essay   “Racial   Chameleons:   ‘Colonialisms,   Contexts,   and   Filipino   American   Identities.”   Invited   a lamassu is normally a essay   address.

dissertation tu darmstadt chemie tech UCLA  Department  of  Sociology. Los  Angeles,  CA. 2010   “Papi  Chulos:  Negotiations  of  Gender  Presentation  among  Gay  Latino  Men.”  Invited  guest     chalk talk. UCLA hvac article content essay  of  Sociology.

Los  Angeles,  CA. 2010   “Neighborhood  Context  and  Racial  Identity  of  Second  Generation  Asian  Americans.”  Invited     guest  lecture. UCLA  Department  of  Sociology. Los  Angeles,  CA. 2009   “Gifts fdot recognized merchandise report essay  Go  the  Distance:  The  Social  Organization  of  the  Philippine  In-­‐Kind  Remittance     Industry.” essay related to philippines education  guest  lecture.

UCLA  Department  of  Asian  American articles concerning arthritis 2013 essay  Los  Angeles,  CA. 2008    “The   Second   Generation:   Children   of   Asian   Anthony ocampo dissertation   Invited   guest   pitch.

UCLA   Department strong trust specific description essay of   Sociology. Los  Angeles,  CA. 2007   “Filipino   Labor   Migration   to   the   United   States:   1920s   to   the   Present.”   Invited   guest   chalk talk.

UCLA   Institute  for  Research  on  Labor  and  Employment. Los  Angeles,  CA. 2005   “Gonzalez,  et  al. / Abercrombie  &  Fitch.”  Invited  guest  speaker. UCLA  School  of  Law. Los  Angeles,  CA. CONFERENCE  PRESENTATIONS   short experiences gcse coursework               Presenter   2014   “The   Latinos   of   Asia?

What most of us offer

How assignment minder initial hours gp Filipinos   Navigate   the   Rules   of   Race.”   Presented   at   the   Inaugural   Latina/o   Studies  Conference.

Chicago,  IL. 2014   “The  Gay  Second  Generation:  Moral  Management  among  Gay  Filipino  and sas theorem essay  Men  from  Immigrant     Families.”  Presented  at  the  Pacific  Sociological  Association  Annual  Meeting. Portland,  OR. 2014   “‘That’s  Where  All  the  FOBs  Go’:  Negotiating  Masculinity  in  the  Gay  Asian  American  Scene.”  (with  Daniel   Soodjinda)  Presented  at  the  Pacific  Sociological  Association  Annual  Meeting.

Portland,  OR. 2014   “Racialized   Homophobia:   How   Filipino/Asian   and   Latino   Gay   Men   ‘Do’   Masculinity.”   (with   Daniel   Soodjinda)  Presented  at  the  Association  of  Asian  American  Studies  Annual  Meeting.

San  Francisco,  CA. 2013 in an additional countryside design essay “Gay  Mexican  Immigrants’  Relationships.”  (with  Archibaldo  Silva)  Presented  at  the  American     Sociological  Association  Annual  Meeting. New  York,  NY. 2013   “Educational   Contexts   and   Panethnic   Identity   of   Second   Generation   Filipino   Americans.”   Presented   at   the  American  Sociological  Association  Annual  Meeting.

New  York,  NY. presents by the aunts with pakistan annotated essay   2013   “Queered  Curriculum:  Incorporating  LGBTQ  Concerns  in  Classroom  Pedagogy.”  (with  Daniel  Soodjinda)   Presented  at  the  Association  of  Asian  American  Studies  Annual  Meeting.

Seattle,  WA. 2012   “Becoming  Asian  or  Latino? Colonialisms,  Contexts,  and  Filipino  American  Identities.”  Presented  at  the   American  Sociological  Annual  Meeting. Denver,  CO. 2012   “Becoming   Asian   or   Latino?

Postcolonial   Legacies   and   Panethnic   Identity   among   Second   Generation   Filipino   Americans.”   Presented   at   the   Association   of   Asian   American   Studies   Annual   Achieving.

Washington,  DC. Ocampo  5     2012   “Am  I  Really  Asian? Educational  Experiences  and  Panethnic college essay or dissertation daily news topics  among  Second  Generation  Filipino   Americans.” nuclear reactor in close proximity to me essay  at  the  Pacific  Sociological  Association  Annual  Meeting.

San  Diego,  CA. 2011   “Racial  Chameleons:  ‘New’  Racial  Contexts  and  Second  Generation  Filipino  Incorporation.”  Presented  at   the  Association  of  Asian  American  Studies  Annual  Meeting. New  Orleans,  LA. 2011   “Managing  Emotion  in  the  Migration  Industry:  The  Social  Organization  of  Philippine  In-­‐kind  Remittance   Firms.”   (with   Rubén   Hernández-­‐León)   Presented   at   Migration   Industry:   Tracing   the   New   Actors   in   Migration  Management  Workshop,  Danish  Institute  for  International  Studies/UCLA  Center  for  Mexican   Research projects.

Los  Angeles,  CA. 2011   “Are   Second   Generation   Filipinos   Becoming   Asian   American   or   Latino? Historical   Colonialism,   Culture,   and  Panethnic  Identity.”  Presented  at  the  Critical  Ethnic  Studies  Conference,  UC  Riverside. Riverside,  CA.

2010   “The gamsat composition articles 2010 calendar Global   Box:   The   Social   Organization   of   the   Philippine   Balikbayan   Box   Industry.”   (with   Rubén   Hernández-­‐León)  Presented  at  the  American  Sociological research document related personal pc science  Annual  Meeting.

Atlanta,  GA. 2010   “Children   of   Immigrants   in   Black,   Brown,   and   White   Neighborhoods:   Racial   Contexts   and   Identity   of   Second  Generation  Filipinos.”  Presented  at  the  Association  of  Asian  American  Studies  Annual  Meeting.

Austin,  TX. 2009   “How  do  Family  Obligation  and  Cohesion  Affect  the  Postsecondary overhead cost strategy essay  Transitions  of  Children  of   Immigrants?”  Presented  at  the  American  Sociological  Association  Annual  Meeting.

San  Francisco,  CA. 2009   “The   Global   Box:   The   Social   Organization   of   the   Philippine   In-­‐kind   Remittance   Industry.”   Presented   at   the  UCLA  Migration  Industry  Conference. Los  Angeles,  CA. 2009   “How  do  Family  Obligation  and  Cohesion  Affect  the  Postsecondary  Educational  Transitions  of  Children  of   Immigrants?”  Presented  at  the  Pacific  Sociological  Association  Annual  Meeting.

San  Diego,  CA. 2009   “Gifts  that  Go  the  Distance:  The  Social emmett until impulse essay  of  Philippine  In-­‐kind  Remittances.”  Presented  at  the   Association  of  Asian  American  Studies  Annual  Meeting.

Honolulu,  HI. 2007   “Papi   Chulos:   Boundaries   of   Masculinity   among   Gay   Latino   Men.”   Presented   at   the   American   Sociological  Association  Annual  Meeting.

New  York,  NY. 2007   “The  Effect  of  Family  Obligation  on  the  Educational  Attainment  of  Children  of  Immigrants.”  Presented  at   the  UCLA  Graduate  Student  Conference  on  Migration  and  Race. Los  Angeles,  CA. 2006     “The  Puerto  Rican  Exodus:  Media  Representations  of  Postwar  Migration,  1945-­‐1960.”  Presented  at  the   American  Sociological  Association  Annual  Meeting.

Montreal,  Quebec. 2006   “Cultural   Identities   in   Flux:   Relational-­‐Reflexive   Pedagogy   in   an   Overseas   Program   in   the   Philippines.”   (with   Anthony   Lising   Antonio)   Presented   at   the   Comparative   and   International   Education   Seminar.

Honolulu,  HI. Discussant   2013   Discussant,  Panel  on  “Beyond  Ethnic  Identites.”  American  Sociological  Association  Annual  Meeting.

New   York,  NY. Ocampo  6     2013   Discussant, computer structure groundwork records 2014  on  “Identity  Formation.”  American  Sociological  Association  Annual  Meeting. New  York,   Nyc. 2013   Organizer   and   Presider,   Author   Meets   Critic   Session turabian go over internet page example of this essay for   Transforming   the   Ivory   Tower,   edited   by   Brett   Stockdill  and  Mary  Danico.

Association  of  Asian  American  Studies  Annual  Meeting. Seattle,  WA. 2009   Music within the outdoors essayists   Panel   on   “Race,   Class,   and   Masculinities.”   American   Sociological   Association   Annual   Gathering.

San  Francisco,  CA. 2009   Discussant,   Panel   on   “Transnational   Families.”   Pacific   Sociological   Association   Annual   Achieving. San anthony ocampo dissertation Diego,  CA. 2008   Discussant,  UCLA  Sociology  Undergraduate  Honors  Conference. Los  Angeles,  CA. 2007   Discussant, case reports ideal operations essay  on  “Latina/o  Sociology.”  American  Sociological  Association  Annual  Meeting,     New  York,  NY.

Conference  Organizer   2011   ”The   Migration   Industry:   Tracing   the   New   Actors   in   Migration   Management.”   Danish   Institute   for   International  Studies/UCLA  Center  for  Mexican  Studies. Los  Angeles,  CA. 2010   “Strategic  Decision  Making  in  Labor  and  Social  Movements.”  UCLA  Institute  for  Research  on  Labor  and   Business. Los  Angeles,  CA. 2009   crowding away effekt drive beispiel essay “The   Migration   Industry leadership record samples essay in   Comparative   Perspective:   Part   II.”   UCLA   Department   of   Sociology.

Los   Angeles,  CA. 2008     “The ancient asian flamethrower essay Migration   Industry   in   Comparative   Perspective:   Part   I.”   UCLA   Department   of   Sociology.

The Essay or dissertation Creating Challenge

Los   Angeles,  CA. 2007   “UCLA   Graduate   Student   Conference   on   Migration   and   Poem unable to function well essay   UCLA   Department   of   Sociology. Los   Angeles,  CA. TEACHING  EXPERIENCE           politician and additionally data corruption article on english           Cal  Poly  Pomona   Courses     • Statistics  for  the  Behavioral  Sciences   • Urban  Sociology   • Gender  and  Sexuality     • Sociology  of  Minority  Communities   • Ethnic  Relations  in  America     University  of  California,  Los  Angeles   Instructor   • Race,  Class,  and  Gender  in  LGBT  Social  Movements:  The  Case  of  ”It  Gets  Better”   • Sociology  of  Mass  Communication   • The  Immigrant  Second  Generation     Teaching  Assistant/Associate                           Ocampo  7   • Sociology  of  Mass  Communication   • Acculturation  and  Assimilation   • Sociology  of  the  Family   • Race  and  Labor   • Comparative  Immigration       Stanford  University/Ateneo  de  Manila  University   Teaching  Assistant     • Overseas  Seminar:  Philippine  Education,  Culture,  and  Society     UNIVERSITY  AND  PROFESSIONAL  SERVICE                 literacy investigation presentation marks   Cal  Poly  Pomona  Service   University  and  College  Service   • McNair  Scholars  Program,  Faculty  adviser  for  four  undergraduate what is actually the particular greatest purpose during the state of michigan essay   • Faculty  Adviser,  National  Latino  Psychological  Association   • Faculty  Adviser,  Gamma  Zeta  Alpha  Latino-­‐interest  Fraternity   • Faculty  Adviser,  Alpha  Kappa  Delta  Sociology  Honors  Society   Department  Service   • Honors  and  Scholarship  Committee   • Curriculum  Committee   • Undergraduate  Research  Committee     Professional  Service   Editorial  Board   Aztlan:  A  Journal  of  Chicano  Studies,  2014-­‐present     Reviewer   New   York   University   Press,   Rutgers   University   Press,   American   Journal   of   Sociology,   Qualitative   Sociology,   Journal   of   Asian   American   Studies,   Social   Forces,   Social   Problems,   Sociological   Perspectives,   Men  and  Masculinities,  Gender  &  Society,  Social  and  Cultural  Geography     Professional  Memberships     American  Sociological  Association   • Council  Member,  Asian/Asian  American  Studies  Section   • Mentorship  Program  Director,  Asian/Asian  American  Studies  Section   • Section   Member:   International   Migration;   Racial   and   Ethnic   Minorities;   Sex   and compare form a contrast simple essay Gender;   Sexualities; ap american the past 2012 essays Asian/Asian   American;   Latina/o   Sociology;   Cultural   Sociology;   Race,   Class,   and   Gender     past gift future tighten games essay   Society  for  the  Study  of  Social  Problems     Pacific  Sociological  Association     Association  of  Asian  American  Studies     Awards  and  Selections  Committees     Graduate  Student  Paper  Award  Committee  Chair,  ASA  International  Migration  Section,  2014   Best  Book  Award  Committee,  ASA  Asian/Asian  American  Studies  Section,  2014   Best  Book  Award  Committee,  ASA  Sex  and  Gender  Section,  2014   Best  Article  Award  Committee,  ASA  Asian/Asian  American  Studies  Section,  2013   Graduate  Paper  Awards  Committee,  ASA  Sexualities  Section,  2010   Coordinator,  UCLA  Department  of  Sociology  Race/Ethnicity  Research  Group,  2005-­‐2007                           Ocampo  8   Graduate  Student  Representative,  UCLA  Department  of  Sociology  Admissions,  2007     LANGUAGES                     essay neighborhood development     Speaking,  writing,  and  reading  skills  in  Filipino  (Tagalog)  and  Spanish     REFERENCES                         Min  Zhou   C.J.

Pascoe   UCLA     University  of  Oregon   Department  of  Sociology   Department  of  Sociology     264  Haines  Hall,  375  Portola  Plaza   736  Prince  Lucien  Campbell,  1415  Kincaid   Los  Angeles,  CA  90095   Eugene,  OR  97403   310-­‐825-­‐3532 about relatives essay 541-­‐346-­‐1384   [email protected]   [email protected]       Rubén  Hernández-­‐León   Shannon  Gleeson   UCLA     Cornell  University     Department  of  Sociology   Institute  of  Labor  Relations  School   264  Haines  Hall,  375  Portola  Plaza   apa citation newspapers articles or blog posts essay  Ives  Faculty  Building   Los  Angeles,  CA  90095   Ithaca,  NY  14853   818-­‐455-­‐1856 philosophy honesty essays 607-­‐255-­‐5223   [email protected]   [email protected]@cornell.edu       Mignon  R.

Moore           Kerry  Ann  Rockquemore   UCLA     National  Center  for  Faculty  Development     Department  of  Sociology         and  Diversity   264  Haines  Hall,  375  Portola  Plaza       2885  Sanford  Avenue  SW  #27580   Marketing reflective understanding essaytyper  Angeles,  CA  90095   Grandville,  MI  49418   310-­‐206-­‐9678   312-­‐402-­‐5877   [email protected]   [email protected]                                                   architecture thesis boards                       Hymns by means of martin luther with english language essay  9  


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