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Table of Contents1

Investment Coverage Statement (IPS): 1

Constructing the stock portfolio: 3

Passive Portfolio: six

Active Collection: 7

Overall performance of Effective portfolio 18

Sharp Proportion: 19

Bottom line: 20


Investment Insurance plan Statement (IPS):

Mr. Ziad Hamzeh- Lebanese National- is actually a Senior Credit Risk Director at Spend Bank Hq Sharjah; He could be 45 years of age, resident in Sharjah to get 20 years. Mister. Hamzeh is definitely divorced with two children coping with their mother in Beirut- Lebanon and continuing all their Bachelor Research in American University of Beirut, as he believes the educational system is better and cheaper than that in U. A. E. His key Objective is always to earn minimum of 15% within a period of 15 weeks, when he believes UAE stock market is a great opportunity as Dubai can be described as candidate town for the EXPO 2020, however he could be not happy to loose more than 15% of his primary capital of AED 1, 000, 000/-. As he will use some of this capital for purchasing a house in Dubai around his fresh office; for he received a new job offer in Emirates NBD as Brain of Credit Risk Section, which he can be signing up for in January 2014.

Mister. Hamzeh can be described as highly paid out and a highly respected banker with a current annual income is definitely AED 540, 000/- (i. e AED 45, 000/- monthly) and also a yearly bonus that counts to a minimum of AED 60, 000/- which in turn would be a certain amount in his consideration every thirty first December of each and every year. His liquidity requires during these twelve weeks is actually a rent talon of AED 50, 000/-, additionally AED 75, 000/- for each of his two sons [adding approximately AED 150, 000/-] who will be studying in AUB (American University of Beirut) being a living and educational support, previous he spends up to AED 30, 000/- as a living expense for your period of 15 weeks.

Mr. Hamzeh provides accumulated through his your life an Asset base totaling of AED a few, 600, 000/- where he spent most of this in real estate property (i. e buying a peacefulness of property and a vacation home in Lebanon summing up to AED 2, 000, 000/-) as he believes that real estate can preserve his capital and offer him an appreciable capital gain through out his term and AED 600, 000 in a saving account in Lebanon; now he is intending to take several risk to take a position the remaining AED 1, 1000, 000/- to make enough capital gains to fund a new one bed apartment in Dubai that can cost him AED nine hundred, 000/- and pay for the youngsters tuition as well as his personal living expenses just before transferring to his new job.

His financial expert has talked about some of the main bullet points in order to be able to visualize, make simpler, and deal with Mr. Hamzeh objectives, economical needs, and portfolio:

Advantage Base: AED 3, six-hundred, 000/-

Cash to Invest: AED 1, 500, 000/-

Annual Income: AED 540, 000/-

AED 60, 000/- Bonus

Expense needs: AED 900, 000/- for buying a brand new apartment

AED 150, 000/- pertaining to his two sons

AED 50, 000/- for hiring an apartment in Sharjah

AED 30, 000/- for living expense

Return Objective: Minimum of 15% go back (capital appreciation) Risk Capacity: Above average risk ability as a result of high advantage base and income Risk Willingness: moderate/high average as he is looking for excessive returns where he is knowledgeable about the danger involved; nevertheless he is calling a 85% protection of capital as a stop drop strategy (he wants to get free from the market if this went down by 15%). Risk Tolerance: above average to moderate, as he is actually able and moderately willing to have risk. Exceptional needs and preferences: prevent any opportunities, which is associated with Tobacco, Liquor, money laundry and terrorism. Time Ecart: 10 several weeks

Liquidity needs: Minor to insignificant as he has high Asset foundation Tax Concern: Nil

Benchmark: DFM Index

Soon after a numerous meetings and services with Mister. Hamzeh were hosted; and afterwards we have agreed upon the following as being a regulatory factors for the portfolio that may be being spent and some stipulations to be followed: 1 . Investment will take place in Dubai Economic Market while requested by...

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