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This project requires creativity, discipline, management, decision making, and meeting rigid deadlines. Please get familiar with the entire content material of this handout to avoid dissatisfaction. Purpose:

Demonstrate operations administration and supply cycle management concepts in business situations. Project Explanation:

Welcome to Ops Truth Show! Being a founding person in the Ops reality present, you have the distinct prize and amazing responsibility to get the success of the Show. Through this Present, the class can research within the operations of certain business organization, determine its competitive advantages through detailed examination and standards, summarize your findings within a research newspaper, and present your analyze with a standard PPT 35mm slides and a short video clip showcasing the operations practice at the organization. The final job will be evaluated based on the project parameters in web pages 5-6.

Overview of Individual/Team Objectives:

The task is multi-faceted, detail-oriented, and time-sensitive and requires on-going individual, team, and collaborative crew efforts. Every single team is needed to meet to brainstorm gifts and solve problems and issues on a weekly basis. Memos, reports, papers, photo slides, and video clips are credited at different times during the project as well as at the end of the project. In-team negotiations will be required; thus, identify the director (e. g., team leader) in the first class while each of the owners will address behalf of his/her team in all job submissions and communications. Executing your individual and team functions in this collaborative project can determine the success of the group work of our class.



Describe how a company you selected utilizes the following tools/methods/practices: 1 .

installment payments on your



Intro: provide a brief explanation of the business that is the subject matter of your task. Content: inspecting the company's functions in following areas a. Project Supervision (based on CJA textual content Ch 3)

b. Process Analysis (based on CJA text Ch 6)

c. Strategic Capability Management (based on CJA text Ch 5)

d. Supply Chain Strategy (based on CJA text Ch 10)

electronic. Quality Devices (based in CJA textual content Ch 9)

f. Forecasting (based on text Ch 15)

g. Inventory Control (based upon CJA text Ch 17)

h. Procedures Scheduling (based on CJA text Ch 19)

Identify the company's competitive advantages through above analysis and benchmarks Conclusions and recommendations


Company Identity Activity (2%): Follow the guidelines given about pg. 6 of this project. Project Position Reports (2, worth 4% each) will be due periodically throughout the semester. This is a chance to get opinions on the improvement made to date on your task so that changes and additions can be built prior to the final due date. The intent of those reports is to build toward your extensive final report. •

Status report #1 (due 09/30/2013) – Must contain parts #1-5 of your task from the list above Position report #2 (due 11/04/2013) – Must include parts #6-11 of your project through the list above

Project Research Paper (10%): Compile the findings for all of the parts of building listed above in details within a 10-page single-spaced research conventional paper.

Research Business presentation (5%): Sum it up your research within a presentation that highlights your key findings (i. electronic. the most significant operations management areas of your company within your opinion). Throughout the presentation, every team will certainly showcase the operations practice of the planned organization using a video clip. Video (5%): The clip delivers great aesthetic aids to bridge your quest with the real operations techniques at the organization. Each group is recommended to " action out” the operations practice in a history. Projects can only be designed in assigned teams (max. a few students every group). The precise project projects and teams will be decided in the subsequent week of class.

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