Chinese firework industry Article

1 ) Introduction---Objective and structure of this report

The Chinese fireworks industry has experienced significant change as China adopted " open up door policy", moreover, it includes huge market share in the planet's fireworks market. But on the other hand, the Chinese fireworks industry has fatal disadvantages. Therefore , if to invest in this industry is still a considerable problem to most investors. The objective of this kind of report is to give a few suggestions to Jerry Yu on his decision of the expenditure on Liuyang fireworks sector. Furthermore, some proposals approach improve the attractiveness and the competition of Chinese fireworks sector at a long-run level are exercised; from personal level, there are a few strategic options to Jerry Yu with regards to handling a person fireworks company. To achieve this aim, an industry analysis and a market audit will be carried out and a gross conclusion is usually drawn depending on the analyses and suggestions.

2 . Commercial analysis

The purpose of this commercial analysis is always to outline the specific situation of the Chinese language fireworks market in conjunction with studying the competition within this industry through Porter's five makes model (please refer to Appendix).

2 . one particular The Chinese language fireworks industry overview

The general belief is that China-made fireworks actually made up about many of these to 90% of the world's fireworks market. But though Chinese fireworks account for almost all of the world's marketplace, it can be said as a fairly messy industry in terms of their quality, presentation and time control and distribution programs. As the most well-liked form in Chinese fireworks industry is family-run workshop, which is usually poorly funded and lacking of R& D and managerial suggestions, the whole industry is basically labor-intensive and the technologies are also restricted. The competition can be intensified by emergence of small firms. These private workshops will be flexible and quick in responding to market demand. They might copy any popular product design then sell it to get much less prices than government-owned or some each owned factories. This simple fact results in price drop which includes become a serious problem for the whole sector. Besides, foreign competitors such as Japanese and Korea firms also endanger the Chinese language fireworks market.

2 . 2 Market trend

The fireworks' market could be divided into household and foreign trade market. In past times years, the demand of household market is declining while foreign trade sales is rising. Since China opened up its door in 1979, export market has turned into a major marketplace of China fireworks. Physique 1 shows the growth of export industry during the period of 1994-1998.

Figure 1: Export sales of China fireworks market in 1994-1998

From Determine 1, it's clear which the demand of export market is increasing balanced. Undoubtedly 2 weeks . beneficial aspect for Chinese fireworks sector. Another market trend is usually that the demand for screen fireworks is increasing by a fast speed due to the increase of community fireworks shows, whereas the need for consumer fireworks is usually expected to drop owing to the greater restricted polices.

2 . three or more Porter's Five Forces Style (Appendix).

Porter's five makes model is aimed at examining the competitive position of the complete industry.

2 . 3. 1 Potential traders (High)

The chance for potential entrants of fireworks sector is high. The capital requirement of establishing a fireworks organization is very low; the economy of scale can be high and the brand identity within this industry is relatively low. All these information provide great opportunities for firms to enter this industry.

2 . three or more. 2 Bargaining power of suppliers (Low)

Due to huge number of suppliers of fireworks and small product differentiation among fireworks products, the bargaining power of suppliers is definitely low.

installment payments on your 3. several. Bargaining benefits of buyers (High)

Owing to the best number of options and low even zero switching costs, the fireworks...

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