Asbestos Dissertation


Section 1:

Q1. If you are renovating/ extending a home which is much more than …. years old; you might expect to find some the product used somewhere in it. 13years

Q2. Name 3 areas where asbestos may have been found in the construction of homes. Eave bedding, wall cladding, asbestos fibro used in bathing rooms and laundries. Q3. Precisely what is dangerous regarding asbestos?

The fibrous silicate mineral, that creates severe health issues. Q4. The product can cause significant health problems- what are they? Asbestosis, lung cancer & mesthothesioma.

Q5. Who is required to identify every asbestos that contains materials? The controller of premises, or who is responsible for the site. Q6. Where will these materials be documented?

Must be registered in an the product register.

Q7. Name a few items that can be recorded in this register

5. 40x6mm battens of asbestos fibro

5. Asbestos fibro corner

5. Eave sheets-asbestos

* The product wall cladding

* The product fibro curved corner


Q1. What are both the main types/classes of Asbestos we may come across in or perhaps on a construction/building site because described by NSW WORKCOVER? * The serpentine group contains chrysotile, commonly known as white colored asbestos. 5. The incertain group is made up of amosite (brown asbestos) and crocidolite (blue asbestos), as well as some other less common types such as trimolite, aclinolite & anthophllite. Q2. What type of license is required for each of the above types/ classes of Asbestos removal? * Bonded the product licence

5. Friable the product licence

Both have to be concern via a operate cover business

Q3. What are the main methods used during removal to reduce the era or discharge of asbestos fibres as well as dust? Illustrate clearly the methods. * Employ plastic drop sheets

* Collect and seal with double wrapped two hundred micro thick plastic bags, no more than 25kgs * Continue to keep damp

5. Use appropriate vacuum cleaner once plastic carriers are placed in storage happen to be * Store in...


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